When should I order my wedding flowers?

We accept wedding orders up to 7 calendar days before the event. We do not take event orders more than 12 calendar months in advance

What is your idea of last minute ?

One week before your wedding day is the absolute latest we can accept and fulfill your order. We work from a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. If your circumstances are unusual, you might be able to beg us for fewer days. We have been known to work miracles.

Special occasion orders must be received 48 hours in advance.

Do you offer retail styling services?

With pleasure! Our retail floral styling services include custom-made arrangements that are personalized and unique to your shop, hotel, restaurant, salon, etc. We will customize arrangements according to your preferences and consult on the specific placement of the arrangements within your business space. Seasonal holiday styling and editorial interior photo shoot styling is our jam.

Do the flower arrangements include a vase?

All of our wedding arrangements include a vase of your choice (selected at check-out) . Special occasion vessels are designer's choice.

What do I do with the vases used to create my arrangement?

The vases are yours to keep and use long after your wedding, event or special occasion. Enjoy!

What if my recipient isn't home or unavailable?

Depends on the location and your preferences! Generally speaking, if there isn’t a safe place to leave the flower order, we’ll get in touch with you and the recipient to make arrangements. If our delivery driver has trouble locating an address, or isn’t able to get inside the building or gate, we will reach out to you to remedy the issue.

Where’s your shop? I’d like to come visit!

We’re an e-commerce business, so we do not have a brick-and-mortar retail location, however our studio is based in Wailuku and local pickup is available upon request.

Can I customize my order?

Every arrangement is lovingly designed with our signature aesthetic meaning we cannot customize orders. You can however, leave us color and bloom preferences or aversions in the designer's notes section at check-out.


Do you accept refunds?

All items in our shop are final sale.

Do you deliver 7 days per week?

Studio Flora is closed for business on Sundays. If your event date falls on a Sunday, you will need to arrange for delivery on the Saturday prior.

What if my event date is during a major U.S holiday?

We close the shop for orders on the following days: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day through New Year's Day and July 4th. If your event falls on one of these days, we cannot fulfill your order.

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